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What with the stabbings in Glasgow, when an illegal was so incensed by his three star city centre hotel accommodation he had no choice but to go on a murder rampage, to the terrible murder of little Emily Jones by an Albanian asylum seeker, it is time we held the government to immediate account.

Why are the government permitting the invasion to continue? 400 in one day, military age men with no background checks, nothing to add to the country but disease, violence and crime.

Send this to your MP. Scare them. I have. Look up your MP on they work for you. You can send an email to them from the site. It only takes a minute.

Dear Your MP Name here,

I note your government has done nothing to stem the invasion of the UK
by illegal, military age men crossing from France, a safe country not
at war. Hundreds are arriving every day.

These people have not claimed asylum in the first safe country they
have fled to, and are therefore nothing but illegal immigrants, and
therefore we owe them nothing. Worse, they are a real and present
danger to the citizens of the UK, as demonstrated by the recent murders
in Glasgow and the dreadful killing of poor Emily Jones.

Your fist duty as a government is to protect the UK and our citizens.
You are clearly in severe dereliction of your duty.

Why should I pay taxes to a government who are steadfastly refusing to
do their sworn duty?

Therefore, I give you notice now, I am applying a fine on your
administration of £500 per illegal per day that they are not removed
from the UK. The fine applies from today. Your are currently fined 500
x 400 = £20,000 in total for today.

The fine will be deducted from any tax monies due. Can you please
notify the chancellor and the rest of your administration.

I demand you start doing your duty forthwith.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name