Police Crass Stupidity

“Police Force release CCTV images of suspects wanted for attack on 15 year old boy with faces blurred to protect THEIR privacy”

from the Daily Mail report here.
Yes you read that right.

Have you ever, ever seen something so stupid? But really, have you? The police want you to help them find these people, but they won’t let you see their faces?

No wonder the UK is in such a pathetic, lawless state. The stupidity beggars belief; it borders on insanity. But such is the insanity rife within UK institutions and authorities.

It’s up there with “warning this may contain nuts” on packets of nuts.

What we need to realise is WARNING! UK police forces contain nuts.

Derbyshire Police, in their own defence, stated they had to blur out the suspects faces because of their young age. This shows such madness is systemic within local UK institutions.

But yet again, this crass stupidity, shows the UK authorities care more for the perpetrators of crime than for the victims of crime.