Black Militants on The Rise

In Brixton yesterday we saw the true face of racism in the UK. And it is black. There was a clear display of militant black supremacy, and again the police do nothing.

Militant groups like this are in contravention of the 1936 Public Order Act. Again the authorities are failing to uphold the law.

Or worse, are partisan in doing so. A member of Britain First was targeted by police under this very act just for wearing their party’s logo on a polo shirt.
Yet when a black marxist group is dressed in a military style uniform, wearing balaclavas and stab vests, drill as a squad and march as a unit, the police stand idly by. Tell me that isn’t a two tier system of law. Tell me that isn’t black privilege.

The group, “FF Force” is clearly racist and very militant. Just look at this leader using racial slurs and threatening violence against another black person just because he doesn’t subscribe to her twisted malevolent views. Just look at the hate and violence on her face.
Here she is again calling for a black militia and inciting people to violence.

They are following a well worn terrorist agitators pattern. we have seen it many times before, including in the UK.

  • Terrorist agitators seize upon a perceived grievance
  • They call for action
  • Militant groups appear determined to fight to correct the perceived grievance and the aggrieved.
  • They make unreasonable demands
  • Terrorism follows when the demands are not met.

We saw it with the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland, when a perceived grievance was seized upon by IRA terrorists, exploited and the end result was support for a terrorist campaign that killed thousands of people and brutalised countless more.
The warped thinking of Sinn Fein/IRA would lead their “volunteers” to fire guns at a baby sleeping in a cot after murdering the mother, and strapping people to vehicle “proxy bombs” to drive to their deaths and the deaths of others whilst the brave terrorist volunteer held their families hostage.
The BLM/FF Force leader has that kind of depraved barbarity written all over her face. Their sick ideology will rob them of what little humanity they have.

It is crucial to nip this terrorism in the bud, extinguish it before there is any numerical support or before they get time to develop the organisation.
The authorities must act and act swiftly.

So we need to campaign to have this group prescribed. Write to your MP demand the police apply the 1936 Public Order Act.

But lets help by gathering as much information as we can about this group, their leaders and their sources of funding. Best to know your enemy well. The FF Force group is a clear a present danger. They mean us harm.