Self Defence EDC

The UK is becoming a violent place. Criminals are running amok. Its only criminals who are allowed weapons,the ordinary, decent citizen is precluded from carrying even a penknife.
A machete attack occurs every 90 minutes on UK streets. And all the police can do is take the knee.
Yesterday, there was a sub-machine gun attack in London. Sub machine guns have never been legal in the UK.

Unfortunately for the UK Government, who have in recent years applied the most stringent and oppressive gun laws to law abiding UK citizens, it turns out criminals don’t obey the law. An having open borders, no checks, allows criminal gangs to import huge amounts of illegal weaponry.

Let me make that a bit clearer for our incompetent government.

As individuals we can only take precautions to protect ourselves as best we can, while still remaining within the law. As we know, the police are more likely to persecute a law abiding citizen because, frankly, they seem to be afraid of the criminals.

So what can we do, how can we give ourselves some advantages in the low level violent encounters we are most likely to be involved in, through no fault of our own?

Your biggest defence is a mental attitude. Take the attitude of zero tolerance and stand your ground. Once you are mentally in that frame of mind, then you need to be situationally aware. See out guide to Situational Awareness and the OODA loop. No surprizes.

Once you have that mindset, next is gaining the skills. We highly recommend attending Krav Maga training. Pick up some simple, quick to learn techniques from krav, karate.
You are your weapon, but part of that attitude is using improvised weapons, or carrying some innocent items that can be used to your advantage. We have a training resource for members which details some items you can carry perfectly legally in the UK, but with which you can do some serious damage, some you can even carry on a plane. Join Committees of Safety to find out more; we are not going to publicise these. But here are few ideas to get you going.

  • ** A Small Torch **. A torch can be used to look in doorways, allyways etc as you pass to ensure there are no surprises. Get a small torch as bright as possible. One that fits your hand but protruding an inch or so either side when you make a fist around it. It can be used to shine in assailants eyes and as a force multiplier for strikes. Don’t buy a “Tactical” torch. Some of these could be construed as an offensive weapon.
  • ** A sturdy Walking Stick ** Anyone can carry a good stick, or a walking pole. There are many methods to use a good stick, but its main advantage is to keep an assailant at a distance, beyond knife or acid attack distance.
  • ** A magazine or newspaper ** A magazine or newspaper can be used to improvise a club, again a force multiplier. A rolled up magazine can be used end on into the face or throat. Use a newspaper to create a “Millwall brick” - search duck duck go for it.
  • ** A sturdy pen or pencil ** Carry a ballpoint pen. There are some cheap ones that have metal tube bodies. Used as a force multiplier or to strike end on. Don’t buy a “tactical” pen as these can be construed as an offensive weapon.

Also, never ever admit to carrying any item to defend yourself with. The stasi in the UK will be on you not the perp. Have a reason to carry something unusual, but a pen or a torch…..

In a country where burglars threaten OAP with screwdrivers,all the criminals carry machetes and the youth complain about “stop and search”, we as decent citizens should be allowed to carry a firearm. But the UK has demonized firearms and have the population terrified of any form of weaponry to such an extent that police are called because an individual has been seen with a pellet gun. The government and their useful idiots have people believing it is the gun that is evil, and not the people mis using them.

Better to be judged by 12 than buried under 6.

Be safe.