Defund the BBC

It has been clear for quite a long time now the BBC is not fit for purpose and is anti-British to its core.

Lets review
- The BBC harboured and facilitated a known paedophile, Jimmy Saville
- The BBC advertise jobs openly stating they are not open to young whites people.
- The BBC showed disgusting bias in the brexit reporting, against their charter.
- The BBC fail to report on news items, like the poor Cannon Hinnant, that don’t it their leftist agenda.
- And now they go woke and refuse our traditions at the proms.

Well, the proper answer to that is to Defund the BBC.

This is something we all have the power to do. Simply
- Stop any payment to them
- Notify them you do not need a license instructions here

Simply, and legally, you can stop paying your TV licence. You do not need a TV Licence if you do not watch live terrestrial TV, nor the BBC’s iPlayer.
These days, you can get the news, even the BBC lies on the internet, and using a streaming service you can watch what you like when you like. There is nothing worth watching on terrestial TV anyhow.

You need to watch the BBC - they lie. Look at their page about not needing a TV license

This states in bullet point 3, you need a license to

'watch or stream programmes live on an online TV service (such as ITV Hub, All 4, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Go, etc.)'

So you cant use a TV to watch YouTube? That is not correct. Go to their policy document
There in section 3 the definition of Licensable activity it is stated -

'Licensable activity does not include:
    a) watching programmes by means of pre-recorded media such as DVD and Bluray;

    b) downloading or watching S4C TV on demand on BBC iPlayer or listening to radio
        programmes on BBC iPlayer.

    c) downloading or watching on demand programmes from other providers, such as:
        • ITV Hub, All 4 or Demand 5
        • BT Vision, Virgin Media or Sky Go
        • Netflix or Now TV
        • Apple, Roku or Amazon'

Do you see how they lie? They imply watching streaming services also requires a license. That little word “live” on their web pages is where the lie occurs.

On demand streaming services are rarely live, and whilst both statement are true, the implication on the web page is using any streaming on demand service requires a licence. The BBC are banking on people not reading their PDF policy document.

So, defund the BBC liars by not watching anything live on a TV service. Stop paying the license today. Notify them. They will bug you and try to intimidate you. They might even send out a Capita goon to try and gain entry to your house.

They have no right to enter, no statutory powers at all. If a goon does turn up at your property, tell them nothing, not even your name. They need to be accompanied by a police officer with a duly issued search warrant. Ask them to leave your property as they are trespassing. Indicate you will call the police if they persist. If you feel upto it, warn them to leave and if they don’t comply, you can use reasonable force to remove them off your property.