Demand Your Tax Back

The Government of the UK is put in place by the people to provide certain basic services. There is a contract between the sovereign will of the people and the current government.

One of the basic services we contract the government to provide is defence of the realm and secure borders. They are in flagrant violation of the contract and have been for the last year or more.

We the people do not see the retrieval of illegal immigrants from the English Channel by the Border Force, and their subsequent VIP treatment in 4 star hotels as legitimate use of our tax revenues. Further, we see the aiding and facilitating of people traffickers as a crime which the UK government is committing.

Therefore, since the government are refusing to provide the services we have contracted them to do, we demand they return our tax monies paid. The following is a template letter you can sen to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The email address is

Use a subject line of your choice, but I used “Misuse of my Tax Monies”

Just cut, paste and send. Easy to get involved and make your displeasure known; the more send this, the more worried the government will be.

'Rt. Hon Rishi Sunak,
 Chancellor of The Exchequer

 A government is elected by the people to provide a number of basic services to the people. There is a contract between the people and the government. First and foremost amongst these is security, the defence of the realm and the security of our borders.

 You are clearly not providing this basic part of the the contract.

 Secondly, you are misusing Tax Monies by providing illegal immigrant and so called asylum seekers with luxuries such as 4 star hotel accommodation, trips round footballs stadiums, whilst leaving our veterans homeless and refused health care.

 This prima facie constitutes a mis-use of tax monies. You have broken the contract between the government and the people.

 Therefore I demand you repay all the tax I have paid for last year.  You are not rendering your side of the contract, you have taken my money under false pretences.


 <Your name here>'