The Infiltration Runs Deep

A story from the Scottish Sun has clearly confirmed what many of us have been saying for years. Immigration is a real and present danger to this country.

Yet if you express that opinion, you will be shouted down by the liberal leftwaffe with cries of racism and “The NHS depends on immigrants. We need them, they enrich our country”

‘Palestinian man working as NHS doctor in Edinburgh’ is charged in New IRA probe

Click to read the article for yourself. And further details from the Irish News

Palestinian doctor travelled to Lebanon with New IRA suspect

What do we learn from this?

  • The argument we need immigrant skills ** BUSTED ** even the skilled want to terrorise and kill us. So much for his hippocratic oath!
  • Islamic terrorists are working closely with domestic terrorists, namely shitfeinIRA. And don’t fall for the crap they are new and different. Same shit, different day.
  • Open borders are a disaster.
  • Sometime in 2018 Dr.Issam Hijjawi travelled with shitfeinIRA members to Beirut. Yes the same Beirut that was blow sky high by 3 tons of ammonium nitrate, a favourite of terrorists for making IEDs. Were they buying supplies?

Don’t forget in 2015 an Iran affiliated terrorist group had several tons of Ammonium Nitrate stored in North-West London. Thankfully the security forces found this.

There should be no surprise islamic terrorist and shitfeinIRA work together. They are old friends. ShitfeinIRA trained in Libyan camps, Libya supplied shitfeinIRA with semtex. They both share the same perversions and paedophile tendencies. They both spring from the same evil.

Be aware, be alert. We need to start preparing for the coming storm. Our government won’t do anything, they have been bought off and are weak minded fools.

The infiltration has been allowed to run deep. The strategists and agitators, like Dr.Issam Hijjawi, have been infiltrating the UK for some time. Now they are landing their troops by the thousand.

Patriots need to unite for the sake of our country