Celebrating The End Of Slavery - Rule Britannia

The recent media generated storm over “Rule Britannia” is again lopsided and portrayed by the lying media with an anti-British, racist slant. And totally ignores the facts.

On the trash show Good Morning Britain, Prof Kehinde Andrews from the School of Social Sciences at Birmingham City University, insisted Rule Britannia is racist. The truth is, Prof Kehinde, a black man, is the racist. And typically has a chip on both shoulders big enough to blind him to the truth.

The ignorance of university Professors astounds me these days. I suppose “Social Sciences” should have served as a warning for impending ignorance.

Rule Britannia was written around 1740 - hardly at the height of the British Empire. The line “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves” is a celebration of our new found naval power and its ability to protect Britons from African Slavers. And that was the start of Britain’s struggle against global slave trade. Only 67 years later slavery was outlawed in Britain, and the Navy started enforcing against all slave traders on the high seas. It has taken folk in Zimbabwe less time to totally ruin a great country, same in South Africa.

Yes, that is correct - Britons had, for the previous 250 years, been subject to being taken as slaves by African Slavers operating from North Africa. This is well documented history. It is estimated that African Slavers enslaved about a million Europeans, all long before the trans-atlantic slave trade evil whitey is being told to be guilty about. Well it turns out you Africans started it, so don’t moan now.

When Britons were Slaves in Africa is a great article, ironically from a BBC history magazine. It is a fascinating read, describing how Africans raided British towns (Baltimore in Ireland for example) abducting 100 men, how corrupt government and a irresolute response allowed the African Slavers to continue operating. Sounds familiar does it not?

Now you would think an educated professor, especially from a black African heritage, would want to celebrate the ending of any form of slavery. Not so, the myopic so called intelligentsia don’t let facts or the truth get in their way.

The item about how Europeans taught the Africans to sail is strikingly resonant. The response from the Africans was to expand their slaving to he further reaches of Europe. Typical.

Or maybe , as an African, he is feeling guilt for his ancestors enslaving whites? Somehow I doubt it.