War Is Upon Us

Here at Committees of Saftey UK, we have been watching events intently, but not making much comment. Best to keep your powder dry in these troubling times.

These are dangerous times, be clear on that. Best to watch and analyse, silently, when there is present danger.

We conclude that war is being waged against the British people. Here is the evidence

  • Foreign terrorists operate as Pirates on the high seas around the UK
  • Gangs roam the country stabbibg, shooting and murdering with disturbing regularity
  • There is a worrying trend of attempted child abductions in broad daylight in the presence of parents.
  • There are thousands of military age illegal immigrants being escorted into our country by the Border Force.
  • Christians are being attacked at speakers corner by moslems simply for exercising their right to free speech.
  • Illegal invaders are attacking locals near Napier barracks
  • Illegal invaders are frequenting kids play parks around Tenby
  • Banks are closing the accounts of conservatives activists.
  • Your rights and way of life are being stolen by an authoritarian government acting without scrutiny - a dictatorship
  • Your business is closed, or you have lost your job becasue the government have told you you cant open or work. They dont have that right.
  • You are now told what you can and can’t buy. NO administration has the right or authority to stop you going about your lawful business.
  • Your history is re-written and your culture erased.
  • You have been put under house arrest for a supposed virus that has as 99.86% survival rate.
  • They are taking your most fundamental freedoms through testing which Dominic Raab has admitted provides 93% FALSE POSITIVES.
  • Your local businesses are being destroyed through testing that the CDC admits was not developed against the covid-19 virus because THERE WAS NO ISOLATED SAMPLE AVAILABLE.
  • Your kids are brainwashed at school with leftwaffe, LGBT, peado and transgender whackjob lunacy, and you are no longer allowed to complain or protect your own children.

There is an insidious enemy at work, and our government are complicit. How come all round the world governments are peddling the same totalitarian policies?

Dr Vernon Coleman puts it very well. He has been banned from youtube, his printed books are banned. Judge for yourself in his latest video on brand new tube,
Your Government is a Terrorist Organisation

The only rational conclusion is the government, and their globalist masters, are waging war on the British People.