Terrorise the Terrorist

Nice, now Vienna. These are but the latest in a long line of moslem terrorist attacks. We are told these people do not represent islam and that it is a religion of peace.

Do our politicians and islam apologists think we are stupid? Erdogan, the Turkish Hilter, at least states the truth when he says there is no radical islam, just islam.

Meanwhile our politicians stand by and do nothing as thousands of military age young moslems invade our shores. We have received intelligence from a credible source, many UK mosques have underground bunkers. What do you think they keep there? Their herd of pigs?

The above sounds outlandish until you realise the material that caused the recent explosion in The Lebanon, we that was 2.5 tons they reckon. The same stuff was found in NW London in 2015. See Iran affiliated terrorist group had several tons of Ammonium Nitrate

It is clear whose side the government is on; just look at Sunday at Speaker’s Corner. A certain Thomas Robinson Esq arrives to show support for a victim of a moslem attack, a Christian lady of great courage, and gets promptly arrested in a gestapo like attack, aimed at discrediting him in the media with false accusations of an offensive weapon. Yet for months the moslem gangs have been allowed too intimidate and attack, whilst the police do little to nothing.

Speaker’s Corner is a microcosm for the UK as a whole. Once it was a bastion of free speech, famous across the world. But now it is becoming another example of moslem intolerance and intimidation. Moslems are getting confident in teh UK and in Eurpope; they feel because we westerner are more tolerant that them, thye are winning and are free to do as they wish to subjugate the native population.

The Lebanon is a good example. The Lebanon was a multicultural idyll until moslems started getting to be a sizeable minority. Eventually war broke out. The UK is headed for the same fate, unless action is taken and swiftly. islam is always the same path.

Terrorise the Terrorist

No government has the balls to do this, but it is the only way to win against the terrorist. They don’t spring from nowhere. There are communities that support the terrorists. We saw this in Northern Ireland. There will be “politicians” from that community who pedal the lies the terrorist does not represent that community.

You harbour them, you support them. You are complicit. The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

The only way to defeat the terrorist is to ensure there are severe consequences for the communities that provide them cover and support. Terrorise the terrorist and make sure the community will expel them for fear of the retribution that will come upon them.

But our politicians are bought and paid for traitors. They will never do that. No instead, we must tolerate being hunted in our own streets and homeland.


Form a local security chapter/section/group - what ever you want to call it. Prepare by organising your communications, your intelligence gathering stores, and preparing your defensive and offensive strategies. War is upon us and we need to be prepared. This struggle is not of our making, but we will prevail.

Join Committees of Safety UK today, for intelligence pooling, co-ordinated action and training.