Who Do They Think They Are?

How dare they tell us we can’t sing in our own homes at Christmas? How dare they? Who do they think they are?

How dare they imprison us in our own homes and “allow” us a “freedom pass”? The very concept should have you up in arms. I am a free man, and I have a God given right to be free. You can try and stop me at your peril. How dare you, you snivelling little tin-pot traitor.

Are we, the sovereign people of the UK, going to allow this bare faced theft of our most basic rights and liberties? Well, Johnson and Hancock, we will not. You will face the wrath of the people, and it won’t go well for you.

Even our MP’s are waking up to the situation. Take what happened yesterday when an MP witnessed a group of Metropolitan Stazi thugs use excessive force on a 78 year old woman, just outside parliament. And they tell us they are heroes?

The MP, Charles Walker (Conservative) was so incensed by this he went straight into the chamber and demanded the speaker bring the prime minister and the home secretary to parliament to answer for the behaviour of the police. He was incandescent, as we all should be. Watch for yourself via the link above.

The Rght Hon. Charles Walker MP you can see was extremely angry about this, and rightly so. We all should be very angry.

But this is just one example of the tin-pot dictators taking away our rights and civil liberties wholesale. Next it will be mandatory vaccinations in all but name, they are openly taking about “freedom passes” and no travel without proof of vaccination.

Just who do these little despot wanna be hitlers think they are? We need to remind them they serve us not the other way round.

Where does it stop? You no longer have control over your own body as they force vaccinations on you. Will someone decide you need to donate a kidney for the better good?

They are even trying to become the orwellian though police. Take that islamic terror apologist Neil Basu’s latest delusional out burst, suggesting that laws should be introduced to criminalise people who post concerns about the convid-1984 vaccine. Just think about that for a moment. Here is the UK’s chief anti-terror police officer spouting on about criminalising people who might be concerned about a new vaccine that has been rushed through development and not properly tested for long term side effects.
It is not his place to suggest what we are allowed to criticise! Hows about you get on with your job Neil, you useless gimp? Clearly he didn’t get there through merit. He is surely a “post turtle”

How do we remind the tin-pot dictators and their collaborators we the people are in charge? Simple,


Do not comply with mask wearing, do not comply with stay at home regulations, do not comply with anything. Businesses should open in defiance of the regulations, they are enacted ultra vires.

In short


Show these tin-pot dictators who is really in charge.

I do not state this lightly, but should you witness police thugs using excessive force, then we the people should exercise our rights in the defence of the victim of their brutality by making a citizens arrest. The police must act within the policing statutes and regulations

  • First they must be wearing headdress.
  • If they have their hands in their pockets, that is a disciplinary offence.
  • Secondly, they cannot use hand-cuffs unless you are a flight risk or are violent.
  • If stopped, be polite and ask directly if you are being detained. If the answer is no, then simply go on your way about your legal business. The constable is not detaining you.
  • If the answer is yes, then stand firm. Ask directly what crime you are suspected of and under what law you are being detained.
  • Be aware the term “understand” has a different meaning legally than under normal usage and can constitute agreement. If asked “do you understand” Say “No I do not understand”
  • If the police constable cannot state the law under which he is detaining you, then he cannot detain you.
  • If the police constable cannot state the law under which he is detaining you, and places handcuffs on you or uses force, that is common assault and you have the right to defend yourself.
  • In the above circumstance, the constable is acting illegally and you can make a citizens arrest on him, and ask his colleagues to detain him.

To stop this madness we must all STOP COMPLYING with tin-pot dictators and their collaborators.

History has taught us that dictators and their collaborators may feel powerful and have the upper hand for a time, but eventually the people will rise against them and they feel the wrath of the people.

So, Boris and Hancock, and all your stazi collaborators, take note. In the past the people have hanged, shot, burned and tarred and feathered tin-pot dictators and their collaborators. The lessons of history are clear, be warned.