Proof Covid-19 is a Fraud

Here is a question.

Why have we not heard more about Liverpool and the “Moonshot” Testing?

There has been precious little coverage on the MSM about this huge, massively costly, testing effort using the military.

Perhaps is it because it blows the covid-19 fear agenda out of the water and exposes it for the massive fraud it is?

Lets just look at this in detail. From the BBC report - hat tip to Paul Weston for highlighting this. Great channel worth subscribing to.

In Liverpool, 96K people have been tested by the new lateral flow test. This showed up 842 new “cases”. The article breathlessly states “They’ve found a load more people who are asymptomatic, didn’t know they had a problem, didn’t know thy had the virus”.Lets just examine that statement for a moment. I hope, dear reader, you can see just how ludicrous it is.

  • These people had no symptoms
  • They weren’t ill
  • BUT they had a problem and didn’t know?

And the report seems to think it is a public service to notify perfectly healthy people they have a problem? A virus with a 99.8% recovery rate.
Laughable, utterly laughable.

Here another insightful comment from the oh so bright BBC

In Liverpool specifically, the testing pilot has happened at the same time as a national lockdown, so it's difficult to say how much testing has contributed to a fall in cases and how much is down to restrictions on people mixing.

Since when does merely having a test cure an infection or any disease?

So now lets look at the numbers. 96,000 people were tested, 842 positive results obtained.
That is 0.877’%. Less that one percent.

So less than one percent of the population has an infection they didn’t notice, and that should they show symptoms will have a 99.8% recovery rate.


If there is a problem, it is vanishingly small ( 0.877 * 0.2 = 0.1754%)

Coming from a scientific background, specifically physics and the measurement of very small thermal effects, your author has an interest in accuracy and precision. So I ask “What is the error bar associated with this test?

According to this article in the British Medical Journal, the new lateral flow test has a false positive rate of 0.4%, which is very good. However, this still will produce more false positive results that real ones.
The article is based on a review of 8774 tests conducted and they found 630 positive test results. From the report

.... while 0.4% (400 in 100 000) was a very low rate, with a sensitivity of 58% and specificity of 99.6%, this would mean that 100 000 people being tested would find 630 positives—of which only 230 would actually have covid-19, while 400 would be false positives.

Applying that ratio (230/630) to the 842 from liverpool, reduces this down to 308 real “cases”. But with no symptoms remember.
That is an infection rate of 0.32%

So Liverpool, a so-called infection hot spot, has an infection rate of 0.32%

What Johnson, Hancock, Whitty and Valance are doing on the basis of positive “cases” is monstrous. Whether this is incompetence or outright bald-faced deception, they need to be removed immediately.

So where did their highly publicized and fearful figures come from? The ones they use to beat us into submission? They use the RT PCR test. That is the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test.

The RT-PCR test takes a piece of DNA or RNA in the case of a virus, and amplifies it many many times. It’s inventor, Karly Mullins received the Nobel Prize for it’s invention.

Mullins also stated his test should not be used for diagnosis

So why are the government using it for diagnosing “cases”?

The government’s own website publishes guidance for the use of the RT-CPR test. Click the link and read it.

Understanding cycle threshold (Ct) in SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR

Right there on page 6 it states;

"RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to
distinguish whether infectious virus is present. The quantity of intact virus in upper
respiratory swabs will be affected by factors that are endogenous and exogenous to
laboratory methods."



So the test can’t distinguish if you have the infection now or if you had it in the past and are now immune. Since covid-19 is part of a family of viruses, and the RT-PCR test amplifies a scrap of RNA, the test can show positive for ordinary cold.

So you can test positive if you have recently had the common cold. AND WE ARE BANKRUPTING OUR COUNTRY BASED ON THIS?

Summary of other lies the government are spreading

  • 50,000 Died with Covid-91. Lies. ONS statistics show, the number of deaths under age 60 with no other co-morbidity is less that 400. That is YEAR TO DATA, NATIONALLY
  • The NHS will be overwhelmed. Lies. ONS stats show at the time of writing NHS occupancy is below the five year average for the season.

So, as Paul Weston rightly asserts, the acid test for the government is here. If they react to these new, virtually nil, infection rates, and remove the totalitarian dictates we haev been suffering under, then we can assume they are honest, but grossly incompetent, men.
If, however, they suppress this and continue on their Orwellian path, then we know it is time to remove them.