Welcome to Committees of Safety Network UK. We hope these resources are useful to you.


What is a “Committee of Safety”? The term has it roots in both the English Civil War and the American Revolution.
A committee of saftey is a group of like minded individuals who are willing to work to enhance, improve and protect
their own local area for the benefit of all law abiding and hardworking citizens, equally, without fear or favour.
The need today is greater than has been for many years.

A committee of saftey is an independent group of local people, this site is a collection of resources to help
organise and co-ordinate between individual committees.

The UK is one of the best countries in the world in which to live; just look how many people try to migrate here every
year legally or illegally. But, our values, free speech, culture and freedoms are under attack.

Together we, the people, are strong. We will not succomb to criminal gangs or violent vociferous agitators.
We will protect our values for our children’s sake.

Why do we need Commitees of saftey?

The UK recently has suffered from what can only be called wave of insanity

  • Rioters demanding the UK change for a murder committed 4000 miles away in a different country

  • Refusal of police to do their sworn duty to protect life and property.

  • Display of partisan sympathies by police.

  • The disgusting defacing of our war memorials and monuments.

  • The demonisation by the authorities and the media of our veterans

  • The demonisation and vilification of ordinary British Citizens by the authorities and the media.

  • The unacceptable rise in violent crime, especially against random victims, including small children.

    Unfortunately, the list is endless….

Sorry, but the people,the ordinary decent people of the country, of all backgrounds, will no longer be silent and
allow the wanton destruction of our great nation. You have angered a sleeping tiger, pity you.

God Save The Queen!